3D X-rays


Cone-beam CT imaging enables us to analyze your facial structures in all 3 dimensions, allowing for greater accuracy in assessment and better decision making when planning treatment.

Now we can manipulate images in 3D or make cross sections, enabling us to locate impacted teeth, and diagnose discrepancies with more accuracy. One 3D X-ray can be used to make a multitude of 2D views.

Digital impressions


Instead of using impression materials loaded on trays and placed in the mouth, now we can scan the teeth to form a digital 3D image of the teeth. The scan can be used for analysis and record keeping, and can be transmitted to dental laboratories for fabrication of certain appliances.

Electronic record keeping


Record keeping in our office, from patient charts to radiographs to models, is fully electronic. We give preference to digital solutions over paper for correspondence, billing, and signing in a secure digital environment.