Braces (or fixed appliances) are the gold standard in comprehensive orthodontic treatment. They provide high precision and require no compliance in wearing or removing since they are bonded to the teeth. Metal braces are the most common, and you can choose ceramic (clear) braces at no additional cost.

Clear aligners

Clear aligner therapy allows easier brushing and flossing and may be a better option for certain types of cases. Let us know if you're interested in clear aligners so we can discuss them at your exam appointment!

Dentofacial orthopedics


We offer facial skeletal correction for cases requiring expansion, upper jaw advancement, and other skeletal treatment needs.

Orthodontic-surgical treatment


Some individuals may require coordination between an orthodontist and an oral surgeon to achieve the best results. At your exam, we will discuss this as an option if it applies to you.

Sleep apnea treatment


If you are an adult struggling with sleep apnea, ask us how we can play a role in your treatment!